Corsair Services and Options

Corsair provides a full range of optional services that are suited to your specific needs.

All of these services are provided on a per person, per flight basis.

Seat Choice

When booking your flight, you can choose the type of seat you prefer. There are several options available based on seat location and comfort levels.

Economy+ Seats

These seats are located near the front of the aircraft, behind the Business and Premium Class seats. Economy+ seats offer a private space so you can travel in peace and quiet and also feature extra legroom. They are located close the main exit doors, allowing passengers to disembark quickly upon arrival.

Price: $60 USD

Emergency Exit Row Seats

These seats are situated in the emergency exit rows and provide extra legroom so you can stretch out. Please note: there are strict conditions governing access to these seats. You must be of adult age, must not be traveling with an animal in the cabin, must not be traveling with an infant, must be able to understand cabin crew commands in both French and English, must not be pregnant, and must not be of a physical size that could risk obstructing passengers' access to the emergency exits (i.e. waist size 53 in / 135 cm or greater).

Price: $80 USD

Duo seats

This option guarantees you a seat in a row of two so you won’t have another passenger beside you when traveling as a duo.

Price: $45 USD

Forward zone seats

These seats, located directly behind the private ECONOMY+ section, ensure that you will be among the first to disembark once you arrive at your destination.

Price: $30 USD

Standard seats

Price: $30 USD

Extra Baggage

If you wish to add extra baggage, you may do so at any time, for example, when you book your flight or after purchasing your ticket, up until the day of departure.

Extra Baggage Charges

Price: $100 USD when purchased more than 48 hours before your departure; the standard price of $130 USD is charged after this point.

Price for the First Item of Baggage in Eco Basic Class

Price: $80 USD

Baggage Exceeding Maximum Dimensions

This applies to baggage with Height + width + length exceeding 62 in/158 cm without exceeding 118 in/300 cm.

Price: $350 USD

Baggage Exceeding the Allowable Weight Limit (fees charged per kg from 1 kg/2.2 lb to 9 kg/20 lb)

If traveling in Economy class, your baggage weight limit is 23 kg/50 lb. If your baggage exceeds this weight by any amount, a fee will be charged based on the number of additional kilos/pounds, up to a limit of 9 kg/20 lb.

Please note: no individual piece of luggage can exceed 32 kg/70 lb in weight (the maximum limit).

Price: $100 USD

Themed Menus and Special Meals

Enhance your inflight experience with an onboard gourmet meal. We also offer a selection of meals to suit special dietary or medical requirements.

Our Themed Menu Selection

The Gourmet Menu

Treat yourself to a gourmet meal featuring elaborate dishes served on fine bone china.

Price: $32 USD

The Regional Menu

This menu showcases regional French cuisine.

Price: $23 USD

The Seafood Menu

Everyone is familiar with the Surf and Turf combo. Why not try one of our special Surf and Sky offerings?

Price: $18 USD

The Italian Menu

Experience a taste of Italy while on board by enjoying our selection of traditional and authentic dishes.

Price: $18 USD

The Prestige Menu

A unique inflight experience! An exquisitely refined meal consisting of Brittany Blue Lobster, Daurenki Caviar and Petrossian Smoked Salmon.
Succumb to the temptation of this exceptional menu. This meal is served cold and is only available on flights departing from Paris.

Price for Economy csutomers: $80 USD

Price for Premium customers: $70 USD

Price for Business customers: $65 USD

Our Special Meals

  • Salt free meal: no extra charge
  • Diabetic meal: no extra charge
  • Gluten free meal: no extra charge
  • Hindu meal: no extra charge
  • Vegetarian meal: $18 USD
  • Kosher meal: no extra charge
  • Moslem meal: no extra charge (complies with Halal requirements)

Our Signature menus

Our Signature Menus that will delight your taste buds are created by Chefs Vounos (French West Indies), Tétard (Reunion Island) and De Mattéis (Mauritius), among others. They are now available in our 3 travel classes from some of our stations. These meals are served cold (starter, main course, cheese and dessert).

From the French West Indies, you will taste, among other things, sautée of ouassous (shrimps) and butter poached lobster;
From Reunion Island, Chef Tétard offers you a carpaccio of scallops and légine (fish) rillettes with lime,
From Mauritius you can taste smoked marlin and foie gras aiguillettes with combava avocado and a poached lobster.
From Montreal, you will enjoy a carpaccio of scallops and lobster on crispy vegetable lasagna with truffles!

Tariffs :
In Economy class : 60 USD
In Premium class : 50 USD
In Business class : 45 USD

Note :

  • Theme meals must  be booked and paid up to 48 hours before departure.
It is available from/to Paris on flights operated by Corsair 
  • The Signature cold meal, prepared by Chefs Vounos, Têtard and De Mattéis, is available from Mauritius, Reunion Island, Fort-De-France, Pointe-à-Pitre and Montreal to Paris, on flights operated by Corsair. 
All meal orders must be made no later than 48 hours before departure and are only available on flights operated by Corsair.
  • Fares are per person and per leg

The Business Lounge

Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere in the private lounge, the perfect place for a quiet moment to yourself before your flight. Our lounges are available free of charge for Business and Premium Class passengers. 
If you have Club Platinum status, access to Orly 4, Pointe-à-Pitre, Fort-de-France or La Réunion Business lounges is offered free of charge (subject to availability).
Otherwise, you can purchase access to the Business lounge in Paris-Orly 4, Pointe-à-Pitre or Fort-de-France (€ 40 per passenger and per leg)

  • When making your booking on our websites
  • Following your ticket purchase
  • From "Your booking numbers” in your online account
  • At the Corsair desk in the airports at Paris-Orly, Pointe-à-Pitre and Fort-de-France.

Priority Access

Avoid lineups! If you are traveling in Economy Class, you can purchase priority access for any flight departing from Paris Orly.
We offer two kinds of priority access:

  • Priority check-in and priority boarding for $25 USD
  • Priority check-in, priority boarding and priority baggage delivery for $40 USD

Traveling with pets

Pets are allowed in the cabin or in the cargo hold (if they exceed a certain weight). We require you to be compliant with all health and disease control regulations and restrictions before your departure, and to ensure that all necessary transportation documents are in order.

Please note: travel for your pet cannot be booked online. For more information click here.

Price for a pet traveling in the cabin and weighing 7 kg/15 lb or less (including cage/carrier):
$100 USD

Price for a pet traveling in the cargo hold and weighing 50 kg/110 lb or less (including cage/carrier):
$200 USD

Book a bassinet

If you are traveling with a baby aged 9 months or younger, you can book bassinet. There are a limited number of bassinets available on board.

Please note: bassinets cannot be booked online

Price for a bassinet: $55 USD