Customer service plan

(1) For flights to and from the United States only Advising on the lowest fare available

We are committed to offering our passengers the lowest available fares for their specific flights. Our telephone reservation system, Customer Service representatives and airport ticket counters will tell customers that the lowest fare we offer can be found on our website

You may increase chances of getting a lower fare by being flexible in selecting your travel dates. Customer Service representatives will be happy to look for lower cost alternative itineraries upon request if your travel plans are flexible.

(2) Delays, cancellations and diversions

We know the importance of getting customers to their destination on time and work hard to do so. There may be occasions when weather, air traffic control, operational or unforeseen circumstances lead to flight delays, cancellations or diversions. In such instances, we will make available the most current, accurate information about your flight’s status involving known delays, cancellations and diversions.

Where possible, CORSAIR will take reasonable steps to contact customers in advance at the phone number(s) provided in your reservation record.  If you booked with a travel agency, and no contact number exists in our system, our reservations representatives will attempt to contact the agency.  We encourage you to provide us with a mobile phone number and email address so that we can send email and text updates to you during your journey.Flight display systems at the airport will also be updated, provided that CORSAIR has control over such displays or can provide the information to the party who controls the display.

(3) Baggage delivery

In the event that your baggage does not arrive at your destination, CORSAIR will make reasonable efforts to ensure that your baggage is promptly delivered within 24 hours. We will reimburse costs in accordance with the provisions outlined in the Montreal Convention.

(6) Accommodation of customers with special needs

Reservations made through our telephone reservation system and our website are instant purchases. you may cancel the ticketed reservation without penalty and receive a full refund provided that you cancel the reservation within 24-hours after making it if the reservation is made at least one week or more prior to a flight’s departure.

We are committed to refunding all eligible tickets purchased in a timely manner. Eligible tickets purchased through our telephone reservation system and our website  will be processed, less any applicable service fees, within 20 days for cash purchases and 7 business days for credit card purchases once we receive your request accompanied by any required documentation.Please ensure to have cancelled your reservation prior to the scheduled departure time of your flight and to include in all correspondence the passenger’s name, address, credit card number used to make the purchase, ticket number(s), dates of travel and origin and destination cities.

(3) Baggage delivery

We provide passengers with disabilities and all other special needs dignified, professional and courteous service and proper accommodations at all times, including during lengthy tarmac delays this in accordance with Part 382 of DOT’s Regulations. More information regarding special assistance is available in  the contract of carriage.

(7) Essential customer needs during extraordinary delays

Our top priority is the safety and well-being of our customers. On very rare occasions, extraordinary events may result in lengthy onboard delays.  We have developed detailed contingency plans to deal with situations in which an aircraft is delayed on the ground without access to a terminal gate. We will make reasonable efforts to ensure that your essential needs, such as food, water, restroom facilities, and basic medical assistance are met in accordance with our Tarmac Contingency Plan at all US gateways we serve.

(8) Overbooking

In instances where flights from/to the US are oversold, we will handle all “bumped” passengers with fairness and consistency in accordance with Part 250 of  DOT’s Regulations and our policies and procedures for determining boarding priority.

(9) Other travel policies

Corsair’s travel policies, cancellation policy and aircraft seating configuration, including lavatory availability, are available on and via our Customer Service Centre.

(10) Notifiying consumer of changes in their travel itineries

(11) Responsiveness to consumer complaints

We are dedicated to providing customers with a high level of service but realize there may be times when we did not reach our goal or your expectations. Your feedback is important and helps us to make changes to practices and procedures. We will acknowledge receipt of each customer complaint within 30 days of receiving it, and will send a substantive response within 60 days of receiving the complaint. All complaints should include the following information: flight numbers, travel dates, city pairs, ticket numbers, passenger names, and full mailing address.

Our Customer Relations department can be contacted online   Should you prefer to reach us by mail, the address is:

Corsair/Groupe ELEN
99-101 Rue de la Bongarde,
92230 Gennevilliers

(12) services provided to mitigate passenger inconveniences resulting from flight cancellations and misconnections

Corsair will provide customers at the airport and onboard an affected aircraft with timely and frequent updates regarding known delays, cancellations, and diversions within 30 minutes of becoming aware of the flight irregularity, and will strive to provide the best available information concerning the duration of delays and, to the extent available, the flight's anticipated departure time.

It is Corsair 's policy to contact you in advance, whenever reasonable, at the phone number(s) provided in the reservation record. If you booked your reservations with a travel agency, Reservations representatives attempt to contact the agency when no customer phone contact exists. In addition, we provide phone, email and text updates for those customers who sign up for flight status notification via

It is sometimes necessary for flights to divert, or land at a location other than the flight's intended destination. Medical emergencies and severe weather conditions are examples of situations when a flight could land in another city. If we believe there is a reasonable possibility that a flight will be diverted, that information will be provided to you before departure In the event a diversion decision occurs after the aircraft has departed, the in-flight crew will inform you.

When your flight is canceled or a delay will cause you to miss your connection, we will rebook you on our next flight with available seats. If the delay or cancellation was caused by events within our control or you were diverted to another city, your final destination we'll arrange an overnight stay at your connecting airport, if available.
If you decide not to fly because of a flight cancellation or a major delay, you can request a refund for the remaining ticket value and related optional fees.