COVID-19 information

Gradual return to operations of Corsair

Updated 08 july 2020

Gradual return to operations of Corsair from June 18th, 2020, pending government regulations and health advisories.

As of 13 of July, Corsair will operate from Orly, Terminal 4.


Schedule to the French West Indies and La Réunion


Corsair is planning to gradually open international operations from June 18th, with the following schedule :

  • Paris - Fort-de-France : restart from June 18th
  • Paris - Réunion : restart from June 19th
  • Paris - Pointe-à-Pitre : restart from June 20th

This schedule is dependent on the local authority approvals : flight and passenger restrictions.

Social distancing measures remain in place, in addition to travel authorisations (download specific forms from the Minister of the Interieur here).

The above schedule is subject to confirmation, Corsair will continue to update our website with flight information, and you will be contacted should your flight be affected.

Our goal is to operate a daily flight to all 3 islands as soon as possible.

Health & Safety Advisory for the french overseas destinations

All passengers must :

  • Take a swab test (RT-PCR test) 72hrs before your flight in order to check for Covid-19. This is an over-the-counter test, and does not require a prescription.
    • Without this test and if the results are positive you won't be able to fly.
    • Passengers who test negative for COVID-19 are required to quarantine for 1 week (7 days) followed by another Swab test (RT-PCR). If the second test is still negative, the time to quarantine is complete.
    • If passengers do not present COVID-19 swab test results (RT-PCR test) at boarding, they will be subject to a 14-day quarantine upon arrival.
  • Present a travel authorisation at check-in, only essential travel is allowed until 22 June.  (click here for Travel Authorisation forms)
  • Present a signed form confirming passenger does not display any signs of COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Check our health and safety page, to be aware of the measures in place and requirements at the airport and onboard.  click here

Schedule to International Overseas flights


Corsair plans to restart international flights to Abidjian, Mauritius, and Montréal, once restrictions have been lifted for travelers flying to and from France to your destination. We continue to monitor the situation and will update our website with updates to our flights. You will be contacted if your flight is affected.

Forecasted schedule :

  • Abidjan : restart 8th July
  • Ile Maurice : restart 3rd september
  • Montréal : restart 1st August

With regards to flights to and from the United States, it remains unclear as to the relaxation of COVID19 restrictions and the opening of borders for non-residents. Based on this, Corsair has decided to suspend flight operations to Miami until further notice.

Our daily flight schedule to New York has also been impacted by the restrictions, and Corsair has decided to postpone operations until Spring 2021.

Customers will be contacted in the coming days, to advise them of their flight cancellation and options available.


Health Measures in place for all flights


Flights will restart with strict guidelines toward health, sanitary measures, and social distancing to ensure the safety of all passengers and crew.

Following the guidelines put in place by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), Corsair is putting in place new measures that will ensure passenger safety throughout their entire journey.

As a reminder to all passengers, the wearing of a mask is required for anyone over the age of 6 years old, from the time you arrive at the airport, to the arrival of the aircraft at your destination. All crew members will be wearing gloves and masks during the entire service onboard, and will be available to ensure the safety of all passengers. Please find a list of all health and safety measures put in place by Corsair : here.

Together we have lived through many difficult situations, related to various events throughout the world, Corsair remains vigilant and has taken the necessary measures to ensure the safety and well being of all its passengers, to allow you to travel safely for work, education, tourism, or to rejoin family and friends.

Our entire flight crew look forward to welcoming you onboard our airline very soon, ensuring your safety while creating an enjoyable flight experience.

Fly Safe,

Your Corsair Crew


What to do if your flight has been cancelled ?

If you have booked your flight through an agency (Expedia, Justfly, GotoGate, Altour, etc), we ask that you please contact them for further assistance. They will be the only one’s able to help with your rebooking, flight voucher, or refund.

For all other tickets, please complete the following form below :

  • Request a change of date or destination without any change fees (subject to changes in fare) by contacting us on 1-800-283-2172 (US) 1-844-515-5665 (CA):
  • Your flight must be completed 1 year from the original travel date.
  • Request a credit voucher valid that will be valid for 1 year from the original date of travel, by completing the form online: . Should you be unable to use your credit voucher within 1 year, it can be refunded.
  • Request a refund Click here

If you have received your credit voucher, and you have questions ? Click here.

Due to the increased number of requests, processing time can be longer than normal. We ask for your patience as we process your request (minimum expected delay 4 weeks).

We Thank you for your continued patience and understanding during this time

Stay Safe,


Get in touch with us

Our call centre continues to experience a high number of calls, rest assured we will reply as soon as possible.